We serve children and adults with a range of health challenges, including special needs, ASD, Trauma, Depression, Anxiety,  PTSD and more.  We are an established, non-profit Equine Therapy Program, offering a safe, nurturing environment designed to foster physical, emotional, spiritual and social development through equine-assisted activities. 

Mobile Therapy Program brings equine-assisted services directly to Addison and Chittenden County residents.   

The EASE Project© supports youth, ages 16 - 26, and adults in need of greater social awareness, in developing fundamental life skills for effective and safe social engagement. Our ground breaking method teaches participants how to nurture meaningful connections, both internally and externally, with the assistance of our uniquely adapted equine partners.


NEW!  The EASE Project© 
Social/Emotional Renewal Program  
focuses on recognizing the fears and anxieties that occur in our daily life to disclose how we can alter the perceptions that drive them.  Through direct and guided interactions with horses, we learn to align our inner experience with our outer expression to come into a balanced state of being.  Through this 3-day process of discovery, fears and anxieties we have learned to accept as being a part of us fall away to reveal our essential and intuitive nature.

The Horse's Touch, Inc. is a Non-Profit, 501(c)3 Corporation.  


Central Vermont thehorsestouch@gmail.com

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