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"I had such an amazing experience with Lena today.  I struggle with depression and anxiety and it was such a relieving, relaxing, and therapeutic experience for me to spend time meeting, petting, and riding Lena.  I'd love to share even more about how I felt and I think other people struggling with mental illness could really benefit from her the way I do!" - Abby L.

Janice’s observations of her daughter, Sophia, Age 10:  

"I've seen her change in so many ways since she started horseback riding just one year ago. Physically, she's grown much stronger in her core.  Posting and riding bareback have helped her posture, balance, rhythm and coordination.  Her endurance level has increased. Learning to hold the reins correctly and give the right amount of tension has increased her awareness of being in tune with another.  Mentally, her attention span is longer, and her ability to focus on one activity at a time has also increased.  Emotionally, she's become braver and more confident.  Bonding with both her horse and her riding instructor has increased her ability to play in a more interactive way with her peers at school, as opposed to parallel play. Brushing and grooming her horse has even helped her build on her own personal grooming skills -- she's never liked having her hair washed or brushed but now she's more willing to do it herself.  I'd like to see her maintain all these amazing gains, and that's why I'm so passionate about helping her and other kids continue on the path of empowerment through horseback riding."

"When I began working with horses, little did I know I would watch a boy with Cerebral Palsy walk for the first time and later, hear a boy with speech delay produce his first audible word in therapy at a barn . .  (read more)

"Horseback riding has been a wonderful experience for Addison.  After trying other instructors, we found Susie's way of working and connecting with Addy has gotten her past the hurdles that have held her up in the past.  Susie is very calm and extremely patient when teaching.  Working with Susie has helped Addy learn to keep her focus on the task at hand and learn better self control.  Riding with Susie has been an amazing experience and Addy greatly looks forward to her lessons, especially the time spent grooming the horse.   We would strongly recommend lessons with Susie and The Horse's Touch."
- Kathleen and Tim C.

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