Trainer, Farrier

Special Olympics Certified Coach


Peter has Special Olympics training with level one certification and has a following of devoted students from his previous program experience. He trained the lesson ponies for the Shelburne-based program, as well as his own horses and horses for resale. Peter has worked as a barn manager for several years and and recently completed his Farrier training at the Mission School in Washington State.


Community Outreach Coordinator


Janice has 30 years' experience in the field of massage therapy and specializes in using breathing techniques to help patients deal with difficult life changes. Her daughter participated in the Shelburne-based program, where Janice saw first hand the enormous influence the program had on her daughter's development in a very short period of time.  She has a strong desire to make these offerings available to others.  Janice is also a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist and plans to work with our instructors to integrate rhythm and relaxation techniques into our programs.





Program Director

PATH Certified Instructor


Susie is a PATH Certified Instructor and the founder of The Horse's Touch, L3C,  She is also an Equine Homeopath and contributing writer for Equine Wellness Magazine. 

Susie's experiences with horses as a child included riding lessons in the parks of London, riding bareback through the fields of Vermont and attending overnight horse camp.  As a young adult living in Boston, Susie cared for and exercised retired police horses, maintained as part of a citizen task force to patrol the streets of Boston. 


When Susie returned to Vermont, she connected with a local horse farm where she worked and trained for her certification with the goal of combining her teaching background with her love of horses.  There in established a therapeutic riding program and also developed a beginner riding program and a summer Pony Camp.    



Administrative Manager


Andie is a photographer and avid organizer.  She has studied graphic design and has a strong 

understanding of branding, marketing and the elements of good design.  Andie has been an assistant to The Horse's Touch program, providing support during lessons, managing ponies, and keeping the programs organized and running smoothly.  She has experience with web design and has created all previous social media and marketing materials for The Horse's Touch. She has also supported The Horse's Touch 
summer Pony Camp program as the lead counselor and administrative manager.