Full Moon Drumming Circle with Horses

October 1, 2020

6:00 – 8:00 p.m.


Please join us to celebrate the full moon in Aries, the sign of the leader, the innovator, the energizer. 
What needs to be energized in your life?  This moon will help you find balance and support you in the leadership required to set you on your rightful path. This moon asks you to be brave and fearless and step into your inner and outer leadership to serve the collective with your full strength and power.

The 10th moon cycle is represented by the Native American Clan Mother, WEAVES THE WEB, who helps us express our creativity.  She shows us how to destroy our limitations and move out of stagnation.


The Drum represents the heartbeat of Mother Earth and is used to interact with the higher power of the Great Spirit. It is a sacred instrument that connects us to the Spirit World and to the prayer in our hearts. The drums support us in accessing and giving voice to our desires so that they can be heard.


The Horse represents the perfect balance of of Power and Gentleness and is a symbol of Freedom. As we shift from an old paradigm of false power into one that incorporates the gentleness inherent in true power, the horse stands as a symbol of the freedom that is available to us and how this freedom naturally leads to unification when we are connected to our genuine creative impulse and stand in mutual support of one another on our communal journey.


We encourage you to bring drums or other ceremonial healing instruments, such as rattles, flutes, chimes, singing bowls, etc. if you have them. We provide the horses!  These events are ever evolving gatherings designed to support the individual's strength within the collective; we continuously take in and incorporate comments and suggestions for each subsequent event and welcome feedback from all involved.



This event supports equine-assisted programs run by The Horse's Touch, Inc.  There is a $20 suggested donation.  

Space is limited. Please click "going" on our FB event to confirm your attendance. 

Participants must be 16 years of age or older.


Central Vermont

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