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Wild Icelandic Horses

The EASE© Project
Equine-Assisted Social Engagement

Youth Programs

"Finding direction by activating your inner compass."



Through guided interactions with horses . . . children and teens learn to develop confidence in their intuition, their inner wisdom and their innate telepathic abilities and have the opportunity to return to the comfort of their natural awareness and sensitivity.  During this group program, youngsters experience the unfolding of feeling-based connections, supported by the honest presence of horses and like-minded friends.  Within this process of discovery, they learn how to safely let go of their fears and anxieties during these difficult times, by fortifying the foundations of their essential nature.  No horse experience necessary!   


*sibling discount*


Designed for children & teens

Ages 10 - 19


April 8

1:00 - 3:30 pm

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