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Icelandic Horses





Instructor and Program Director


As a PATH-certified Instructor, Susie offered therapeutic and beginner riding instruction for many years, as well as an inclusive summer Pony Camp program.  When  she came to Heart & Heritage Stables, she and Heidi collaborated to develop the innovative EASE Project in response to the needs of the young adults they were serving.  Susie works to incorporate the foundational principles of The EASE Project into other programs wherever possible.  She is also an animal healer and communicator practicing Intuitive Homeopathy.



Instructor and Equine Specialist


Heidi is an EAGALA-Trained Equine Specialist and the owner of Heart & Heritage Stables where she ran a thriving lesson program and pony camp for many years.  Heidi is intent on creating a relaxed and friendly atmosphere where people can come enjoy their horse without competition and get away from the hustle of the outside world.  The result is a uniquely welcoming and healing atmosphere.  Heidi is also the co-founder of Unbridled Ways, offering equine-assisted coaching and psychotherapy, as well as a Shamballa/Reiki Energy Healer.

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