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Lena is the first member of our herd. 

She is a 21-year-old Norwegian Fjord Horse, evaluated by the Norwegian Fjord Horse Registry as a Blue Ribbon Mare!  


Lena was born in Idaho and has given birth to 4 foals. Before coming to Vermont, she lived on a ranch in Montana.

Lena is willing, curious and highly intuitive and has developed the mature ability to balance her attention between the rider and instructor. 



Leo is our 2nd herd member.  He is a 20-year-old registered Norwegian Fjord Horse and was born at Blue Heron Farm in Massachusetts. 


Leo has had a long career in dressage.  When he came to Vermont, he participated in many shows and was also in parades!  

Leo is clever, adaptable and enthusiastic.  He loves to learn new things and he also loves to be in the company of his sweet cousin, Lena.  Lena and Leo have the same grandfather--Dragtind!  

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