The Vision

Our goal is to assist others in returning to a natural, self-integrated state that supports individual and collective needs by offering opportunities for equine-assisted learning in a safe, nurturing environment, designed to foster emotional, social and spiritual development.


Our programs focus on "sensitization" in the presence of horses to assist individuals in bringing awareness to their intuition, their receptivity and the management of their personal energy.  Compassion, harmony and self-governance naturally emerge through the communal support of one's innate sincerity and personal power, which leads back around to the ability to build strong and supportive communities.


Why Horses?

  • Horses awaken sensitivity.  The sensitivity we have to ourselves and the sensitivity we have to others are intertwined.

  • Horses teach us to read energy, bringing our inner and outer expressions into alignment to support clear communication. 

  • Horses teach us about subtle communication.  Through subtlety we become more alive and aware of ourselves and each other. 

  • Horses bring us to the present and have a direct communication style. 

  • Horses live in harmonious communion with the herd, blending strengths and weaknesses in mutual support. They are willing to build communities with us.