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2021 Spring Workshops



Living From Within with EASE

Equine-assisted Social Engagement

This workshop will help you if you're looking to:

  • Find your truth path

  • Overcome anxiety

  • Communicate harmoniously with others

Through guided interactions with horses, learn to come into harmony with the truth of your inherent worth and potential . . . 

During these group programs with eight (8) participants and four (4) horses, you can experience the natural unfolding of a supportive community as you ease into roles that are neither forced, nor contrived.  Horses require our full authentic presence and teach us that our true role as an individual naturally supports collective harmony.  Through this process of discovery and connection, the fears and anxieties we have learned to accept as being a part of us, fall away to reveal our essential and intuitive nature.  No horse experience necessary! 

Three (3) Saturdays


2021 Dates and Details

*Some financial aid may be available.

Introduction to Animal Healing &



This group workshop offers the opportunity to learn how to trust your senses and intuition and increase your awareness, as well as how to receive information more consistently through feelings, imagery, stories, embodiment and more.  Susie and Heidi combine their unique backgrounds in Intuitive Homeopathy and Shamballa Energy Healing to offer guidance that allows participants the opportunity to learn how and when to use clear intention, how to listen in a state of full receptivity, and how to combine these elements to reach different levels of communication, connection and energy healing.  This workshop focuses mainly on equine relations.  Attunement in some modality of energy healing or reiki is helpful, but not necessary".  If you are interested in being attuned in energy healing prior to a workshop, please contact us as soon as possible.  No horse experience necessary!  

Three (3) Saturdays


2021 Dates and Details

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