The EASE Project© 

Social/Emotional Renewal Program 
focuses on recognizing the fears and anxieties that occur in our daily life to disclose how we can alter the perceptions that drive them.  Through direct and guided interactions with horses, we learn to align our inner experience with our outer expression to come into a balanced state of being.  This integrated state shines a light on our inherent worth and intrinsic desire to serve within a supportive community.  


During this group program with eight (8) participants and four (4) horses, a natural community emerges as we ease into roles that are neither forced, nor contrived.  Because horses demand our full authentic presence, we learn that our true role as an individual naturally supports the collective in its highest form.  Through this 3-day process of discovery, the fears and anxieties we have learned to accept as being a part of us fall away to reveal our essential and intuitive nature.

Three (3) non-consecutive 2.5 hr. sessions



*Some financial aid may be available.


Central Vermont

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